NEW! Child Welfare at Work: a blog for the workforce

Jamerika Haynes
April 11th, 2024
Professional Black male smiling in a audience or business conference setting.

Welcome to Child Welfare at Work! We created this blog to share lessons and resources for the workforce.

At the Center for Workforce Equity and Leadership, our mission is to advance equity and social justice in the child welfare workforce while improving workforce recruitment and retention through site-specific support.

We understand what’s preventing child welfare professionals and families from thriving.

Graduates face challenges when considering careers in child welfare. More Black, Indigenous, and Latinx professionals are needed in decision-making roles. Child welfare staff lack opportunities for clinical licensure.

This is why we’re committed to our equity-driven initiatives which include:

  • Fostering leadership development for Black, Indigenous, and Latinx professionals
  • Providing tribal relational leadership fellowships
  • Creating educational pathways for future child welfare staff
  • Providing pathways to clinical licensure
  • Offering technical assistance to teach supervisors about coaching practices

These tangible solutions can help the workforce progress and improve outcomes for children and families.

We ask you to be a part of our vision—imagining a workforce where equity prevails, and people of all backgrounds thrive with purpose and opportunity. This is a first step in laying the foundation for systemic change.

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Working with CWEL

Child Welfare at Work: a blog for the workforce will share lessons learned from our support within jurisdictions. Want to be at the heart of that work? Visit the interested agencies page to learn more. Once you complete an interest form, a team member will connect with you to learn more about your agency’s needs and how we can help.

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