A happy group of multi-cultural people sit in a meeting.

CWEL stands hand in hand with the U.S. federal government’s Children’s Bureau to usher in a new era of equity-driven child welfare.

The workforce we imagine is one in which professionals are able to show up authentically, reflect the culture of the communities they serve, and have the tools they need to support children and families.

We invite you to join us in shaping a workforce dedicated to equity, compassion, and boundless opportunities for all.

Together, let’s create and sustain fulfilling and equitable careers in child welfare.

Our comprehensive initiatives include:

We’re connecting college graduates to careers in child welfare. One way we’re doing this is by building partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), Latinx-serving educational programs, and tribal colleges and universities (TCUs). Additionally, we’re working to increase enrollment in Title IV-E stipend programs.

We offer a 15-month leadership development fellowship for emerging Black, Indigenous, and Latinx leaders. The fellowship is agency-based and focuses on enhancing race equity-focused leadership skills.

We partner with agencies to provide pathways to clinical licensure, enabling people to stay in their jobs while pursuing their clinical licensure. We prepare agencies for change using a framework made custom for their needs and support them with technical assistance along the way.

We offer a tribal relational leadership fellowship that provides Indigenous child welfare leaders with project-based learning opportunities and leadership development training. It is facilitated by Indigenous leaders who ensure that fellows are supported in transforming child welfare within the context of their tribe’s culture.

We provide coaching support for mid-level supervisors in child welfare. Our coaching program focuses on relational supervision, helping supervisors navigate positional power, create growth opportunities for staff, and repair relationships with their teams.

Who we serve

As a child welfare agency working in a state, county, tribe, or territory’s public system, you recruit, retain, and care for the child welfare professionals who make up your teams.

That’s where CWEL can partner with you to support the workforce, ultimately ensuring that the children and families you serve can thrive.

Funded by the Children’s Bureau

CWEL is funded by the Children’s Bureau, an office of the Administration for Children & Families within the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Led by Families Rising, CWEL partners with the Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Association and Public Research and Evaluation Services to present the leading expertise in equity in the child welfare workforce.